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Norman Shelley Hernick

Real Estate Financing

About Norman Shelley Hernick

Norman Shelley Hernick has been a major contender in the real estate game for over 25 years, and a major financier for 40 years. He is currently the General Manager/Owner/President of Gencorp Developments, which is a diversified technology-based company specializing in the aerospace, energy and real estate markets. This company is able to provide a variety of services such as management consulting, user experience, and technology services to any size business, whether it be a small business, government-owned, or Fortune 500 company.

Norman is never happy with the bare minimum. He is also the company owner of Continental Capital Corporation, an organization who acts as an independent intermediary for a broad spectrum of financial products.

An entrepreneur by nature, Norman has repeatedly earned a reputation within his circle of peers as a very prudent investor, however, he also believes in taking the occasional risk. Norman is equally as comfortable buying properties at various stages of development, whether they be move-in ready or a fixer-upper. Throughout his career, he has gained considerable experience in property management. His accomplishments have included renovating existing rental units to maximize rental income and managing properties to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Because of his chameleon-like ease at adapting to any level of the real estate process, Norman Shelley Hernick has real estate projects in various stages all over North America. He has earned a stellar reputation as someone who can easily go with the flow, regardless of logistical issues. Toronto, New York, and Houston are just a few of the places Norman has worked on various projects. That’s not to say he doesn’t have preferences. He has a major interest in small gas stations, of which he owns several.

Norman developed a keen interest in entrepreneurship at a very young age.  After he earned his bachelor of arts degree in business from the University of Western Ontario, he started buying up small properties to fix up and resell. Over the years, his business grew, but with tighter economics, he found it more difficult to get project financing. He decided to switch gears and move over to the lending side. He founded Continental Capital where he began helping people secure loans for mortgages, and he prides himself on being able to provide assistance with both mortgage lending and real estate.

In his free time, Norman enjoys being active. His top three favorite sports are golfing, swimming, and skiing.