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Finding a new place to live can be exciting and frustrating. From trying to find a trustworthy realtor to scanning the market for the perfect home, it’s no wonder people become stressed.

However, that’s just if someone tries to find a property that’s on the market. Off-market properties, on the other hand, are much less chaotic. This is because properties that are off the market aren’t publicized. Here are four benefits of off-market property deals.

Homebuyers Are Given an Advantage

House hunting is considered one of the most stress-inducing processes. This is mainly due to the competitive nature of the real estate market. When someone has their eye on a particular property, they’re usually not the only ones who want it.

Other potential homebuyers may be looking to buy it as well. Buying a property that’s off-market, however, is a different story. Sure, people will still be competing for the property, but instead of a dozen other people, it’s most likely going to be one or two.

It’s Much Easier to Negotiate

Negotiating with a real estate agent is not easy, especially when there’s not a lot of time to waste. The property itself may be perfect, but the same might not be said for the price. It’s possible to negotiate with the realtor for a lower price.

However, the open market has a lot of demand, so buyers might not be able to get a price reduction. When buying an off-market property, negotiations are much easier and flexible.

Due to the “secrecy” of off-market properties, realtors will feel more comfortable lowering their rates. This allows homebuyers to potentially get an expensive house for much cheaper.

Time is On the Buyer’s Side

One of the reasons why purchasing a property is so stressful is because of the lack of time most buyers have. Many open-market properties only give potential buyers so much time to decide and sign the contract. Off-market properties are usually obtained through word of mouth.

This means that not everyone knows about this property except the people who own it. With almost competition or demand, off-market properties give buyers the time they need to decide.